January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Well 2009 is finally over. DH and I decided that this past decade was not our best years. We have been through a lot. 2007 was our rock bottom year, 2008 still really crappy, but better than 07, and in 2009 we were thrown many curves, but also made choices that have set our lives on a different course.

In 2009, DH was laid off and our dd diagnosed with a brain cyst. (And that was just January!!). DH decided to try something new and we moved to West Virginia. Things were a bit rocky in the beginning; however, we are now settling in. I have a good job with people I really like. The girls have adjusted well and DH is happy.

So I look forward to 2010 and this next decade.  May it bring eveyone the best life can offer. And of course, May it be filled with great Stories!

My first book of the year is for the Mystery Challenge. Under the category "Nice to Meet ya, read a book by a new author", I am reading Atlantis by David Gibbins.  Its right up my alley, dealing with Archaeology and The Mediteranean Sea area.  Thoroughly enjoying it so far.

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