December 5, 2009


In less than a month we will be saying goodbye to 2009. Unfortunately this has been a year that I am ready to say good riddens to. It has been a long and trying year with life throwing many curves my way. My saving grace is finding quiet time to sit and read. However, this year has provided me with little quiet time.

Now that things are calming down, I look forward to getting back into the routine of reading on a regular basis.

I am currently reading a book called The Dream of Scipio by Iain Pears. I am only about 50 pages into the book and am so far enjoying it. Once I finish it, it will be my first review for the blog. I have also started several books this month that I have not finished. I was thoroughly enjoying Roman Blood by Steven Saylor, when I found Dream of Scipio at the UBS. I plan on getting back to Roman Blood as soon as I finish Dream.

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  1. I never have time to read entire books, but I look forward to living vicariously through you & reading about what you've enjoyed reading.