December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays!

 Well I hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday. We relaxed at home with just my DH and two DD's. It was the first time we didnt go to extended family in our entire lives. We got up early, opened some gifts and relaxed most of the day. I put a ham in the crockpot, which turned out great. So even dinner was simple. : )

I got a new book for christmas called Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott. I added it to my Historical Fiction ABC Challenge. On Paperbackswap we did a Secret Santa exchange. My gracious Secret Santa sent me two books that I have been longing to read Club Dumas by Arturo Pérez-Reverte and The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl. I have also added them to my challenges.

I havent had anytime to read in the past few weeks and our planned vacation (where I was going to read ALOT!!) was canceled due to car trouble. But now with the holiday over and things settling down, I plan on catching up. I have a big challenge ahead of me for 2010. I posted my challenge lists in the right hand column and will cross of the books as I read and review them.

Any suggestions for the ABC challenge for letters: E,H,J,KO,Q,U,Y, and Z would be greatly appreciated. The books have to be Historical Fiction, preferebly historical mysteries.

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